Runway Knit Trends | Fall ’18 Milan

Dystopian 60’s mod sport!?  My DREAM! Milan has been pretty political lately, and this season is no exception.  Late 60’s dystopia is my absolute  f a v o r i t e, and I think our current climate plus the world coming together for the Olympics was the main source of inspiration for this season.  … Continue reading Runway Knit Trends | Fall ’18 Milan

Runway Knit Trends | Fall ’18 New York

Ahh fall fashion.  The Summer Olympics of the design world.  Speaking of 'lympics, I'm writing this as I'm watching women's skeleton (shout out to my Nor Cal girl Kendall Wesenberg) and it is TERRIFYING!!!  You can hear their helmets scraping on the ice!  I literally say this every four years "OMG HOW DO THEY DO … Continue reading Runway Knit Trends | Fall ’18 New York

Tiny Check-In | New Years Edition

New year, new Tinies!! Ashley We're planning big thangs this year and couldn't be more excited!!  First off, a huge HUUUUGGGEEEE thank you to everyone who purchased an item from our Etsy shop!!  It is so very appreciated, we cannot even begin to express <3.  We hope you enjoy your purchase, we truly put so … Continue reading Tiny Check-In | New Years Edition

Tiny Check-In | November 8, 2017

Caroline  Well, not much has changed for me from our last check in. I’m still plugging away at finishing Elmyra and am thinking through what my next project will be. I feel like I always do this: get about ¾ of the way done with a project and then start daydreaming and planning my next … Continue reading Tiny Check-In | November 8, 2017

Jo Pattern

All! It's December which means if you're like us, when you're sitting you're knitting.  Isn't it funny that when you're cranking out beanies and scarves for holiday gifts, you're the MOST inspired by what's around you?  I feel like every time I'm making for others, I get hit with 3 different sweater ideas and struggle … Continue reading Jo Pattern

Runway Knit Trends – Paris

Le sigh Paris has ended, thus concludes the main Fashion Week cities ALTHOUGH, I should note that our weeks of fashion have not ended.  We still have Kiev, Stockholm, Seoul, Australia, and Sao Paulo just to name a few, so keep that Vogue Runway tab open, babies. On our way home from leaving a FABULOUS … Continue reading Runway Knit Trends – Paris

Runway Knit Trends – Milan

Well, we have now officially moved on to Paris, aka one step closer to SS2017 RTW coming to an end.  I'm bummed (!!!), but we're not going to worry about that just yet.  We are here to reminisce on the wonders of last week because, per usual, Milan did not disappoint.  If you only have time … Continue reading Runway Knit Trends – Milan

NYC Yarn Crawl 2016

Hi friends! This weekend we finally participated in the New York City Yarn Crawl! Really, it's been too many years living and knitting in New York City and not going. I'm not sure how long The Crawl has been going on, but every year something or other has gotten in our way. Not this year, baby! The … Continue reading NYC Yarn Crawl 2016

Runway Knit Trends – New York

Hey all! It's September, which means sweater weather is around the corner, you're planning all your knit gifts for the holidays hoping that this is the year you don't start in November, no more acting like you can get used to knitting with linen, and FASHION WEEK!!  We've gone through every single NYFW show that Vogue Runway offers … Continue reading Runway Knit Trends – New York