Well, not much has changed for me from our last check in. I’m still plugging away at finishing Elmyra and am thinking through what my next project will be. I feel like I always do this: get about ¾ of the way done with a project and then start daydreaming and planning my next project. Like I mentioned last time, I have some home knits that I want to work on, and a knit project that I need to spend some time really thinking through, but I can’t stop myself from thinking about cables lately. And, no of course, the previously mentioned projects do not — and should not — have cables incorporated. And, also, honestly, I really need to just stay present and finish Elmyra because she’s so close to being complete and then I’ll have my very own Elmyra to show off to you all and be able to help you as you knit your own Elmyra!


Something else I’ve been thinking about whenever I pull out my needles is time. Lately I’ve been trying to steal bits of time to knit whenever I can. I’ve been knitting during my 30–minute lunch breaks, trying to knit on the train during my commute. Honestly, though, there just never feels like there is enough time in the day to get as much as I want done. The thing is, the moments I do get to sit still, listen to some music or a podcast, and get some stitches in are such zen moments for me. Those are the moments where it’s just me, my thoughts and creating — and I guess this is where those cable dreams start creeping in! While it’s frustrating not to get things done as quickly as I want (don’t we all want our projects to just go from brain to creation all at once?!), there is something so special and lovely and peaceful in the moments of the actual making. Ultimately, this is what I’m holding on to as I find my 30 minutes here and there to make.




It helps to scream it, I promise.  Try it.  Right now.  Better, yeah?

Ok now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, how is everyone doing on their holiday knits?!?!  With the launch of our Etsy shop, I decided to give it a rest this year, and my goodness it was the best thing I’ve ever done.  I have one rando cardigan I’m working on for myself for traveling, and everything else is dedicated to TS.  While it’s been so nice to only focus on one thing, the one thing has been overwhelming at times.  I was reading an Etsy blog post, and the featured artist suggested making something new every day and putting it out there to see how others respond.  Sure our medium of choice doesn’t allow us to make something new everyday (necessarily), so instead I’ve turned to daily sketches.  It has been helpful and is keeping me creative, but I need to learn how to organize myself better haha.  I have 3 WIPs going at any given point and it’s got me like Andy Samberg’s Cathy impression.


One of those WIPs is this Fringe Triangle Scarf that we will have on the site by next week!  Really excited about this one, it’s SO. BIG. AND. SQUISHY. I just want to live in it.  It’s also on the sporty side, which I love for such a girly accessory.

Another WIP is a chunky cardigan I want to release in January that I am SOOOO in love with I just want to kiss it.  I’m just starting on the pattern right now (today is day 2 so it is VERY new), and hope to have some sneak peaks by early December!!


– Tiny Obsessions – 



My current obsession is Search Party (on TBS).  While it has been recommended to me from very trustworthy sources, it has taken me forever to hop on WHAT A FREAKING SHAME.  Luckily I decided to dive in right as the second season is released, and if you haven’t watched yet, you can too!  Search Party is funny and dark and stunning (the details on this show are INSANE) and every character brings so much to the table (it’s like what you wanted Girls to be).  I’m watching it on TBS on-demand, but I believe it’s on Hulu as well…anyways if you’re looking for a beautiful show with depth, this is it!



Witch hazel. I am obsessed with Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel Toner. It smells amazing and my face feels so nice when I use it. This is my first Los Angeles fall, and my skin’s been going through some real adjustment situations with this LA weather and these LA “seasons.” What do I mean? I mean dry skin, people! And this toner along with a healthy dose of lotion and a bit of coconut oil with tea tree oil has been helpful. Honestly, my skin has never reacted this way to weather, so I’m hopeful that witch hazel is the answer. Even if it’s not the answer for this dry skin of mine, I’ve at least found a toner that I am in love with!

Thats all for now!  See ya on the ‘gram


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