We’re Caroline Cristal and Ashley Chavez and we’re two best buds from Brooklyn Los Angeles who really really love knitting.  Here are important things about us:

  • One time we were really super drunk and decided that “tiny” is the funniest word ever.  We’ve been calling each other Tiny ever since.
  • Caroline has a cat named Trombones.  Ashley does not have a cat, but will get one soon.
  • We don’t really care for blocking and swatching.  We’ll do it, but TRUST we’re going to complain about it the entire way (zero patience).
  • Subpar grammar may happen from time to time.
  • We love watching TV with subtitles and leaving all the lights on.
  • We generally try to eat flowers and drink champagne at least once a week to maintain fanciness.
  • In winter 2016, we were plucked from our beloved Brooklyn and dropped in sunny LA. Any pro tips involving knitting or bars where flower and champagne cocktails are served are welcome (read: desperately needed).