Oops haha.

We have been sooooo busy, and the blog took a back seat for a second, but we’re back and we’re in it to win it!  It’s hard to find a few things to talk about because we are doing SO MANY THINGS, it’s overwhelming!  We’re learning HTML and updating the site, we just posted listings in our Etsy Shop, we’re studying the benefits of Google Analytics, we’re diving 100% into growing our social presence, etc etc.  It’s pretty cool but a ton of work, omg.

I’m going to narrow it down to what’s on my needles and currently blocking right this second.  A while back, one of my great friends, Rena, told her grandmother that I was a knitter, and she decided to give me her BEAUTIFUL collection of stash yarn.  Not knowing what to do with it exactly, I let it sit in a box on my craftshelf until inspiration struck.  Sho ’nuff it did, and now I’m making a cool-colored fitted cardigan that I am SO STOKED ON.  I keep daydreaming of how interesting and different it will look, and how perfect it will be while wandering the streets of Paris for my honeymoon, UGH!  I want that to be a reality now!!

Gold Elmyra

We finally received the mustard yarn I want for the final Elmyra ready to wear sweater in our shop.  It’s AMAZING and I can’t knit fast enough with it.  It’s 95 in LA today, so it seems like I’m never ever ever going to be able to wear it, but maybe I can crank the AC and prance around the apt in it for a few hours.

Blocking Hats

Lastly, on the blocking table are our Two-Tone Beanies that we will be monograming for holiday gifts!  They’re about one sleep away from being photographed, so we will have them available on the site tomorrow!  Shout out to my cat, Hippo, for providing those wonderful chew marks all over my blocking mats!


C Elmyra Check In
Sneakin’ in some rows at work…

I’m finally getting my knitting fingers back into shape and am feeling a bit inspired and very excited about upcoming projects. Right now I’m in the middle of working on my very own ELMYRA SWEATER in LionsBrand Wool Ease Thick N Quick in the desert color. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun it is to knit Elmyra right up, especially if you’ve been knitting teeny tiny baby things like me for the past hundred years.

C Floor Pillow
Here’s where I am with this floor pillow so far. What do you think, keep crocheting??

After that it’s back to the home knits I’ve been working on and plotting through. I’m still figuring out my giant floor pillow that will be made out of We Are Knitters yarn. I’ve started crocheting it, but really think I want to do a cool basket weave instead but I don’t think I have the right sized needles. It’s a struggle. I’ll report back after some experimenting. I also have a sorta art project thing I’m thinking through with yarns and I-cords and sticks. Stay tuned folks. It’s getting exciting up in here.

– Tiny Obsessions –


C Couch
Here’s the best photo I could find of the new couch. This website calls this couch elegant and adorable. Maybe don’t trust that website.

So ZP and I have a HEAVY infatuation with the Habitat for Humanity Restore here in LA. If you’re in the area and are into DIY home stuff you MUST go there. Ok so yes, I’m obsessed with that, but that’s an obsession for another day. I’m telling you about this because we bought an UGLY old two top recliner couch on Saturday for like $40. It’s the comfiest. But the ugliest. So I have been researching and researching and researching all about fabric upholstery spray paint. After scouring Pinterest, Instagram, and Amazon, I finally settled on trying out Simply Spray, which Seems to be the best and easiest to use. I just bought a test can today and am so looking forward to test it out. I just have to wait for the couch to be delivered on Thursday. And then the one can I bought to arrive. Look, this obsession might be a two-parter so, to be continued…


League Championship Series - New York Yankees v Houston Astros - Game Two

I’m obsessed with the WORLD FREAKING SERIES BABYYYYYYYY!  I work at, and since I now live in LA and the Dodgers are in the series, all of my work buds that I haven’t seen in a while are in town and it rules!!  It makes for many hangovers, but it’s totally worth it.  For those who don’t know, the Houston Astros and playing the Dodgers and I HATE the Dodgers with a fiery passion (I’m a Giants fan) so I’m rooting for the ‘Stros, lets do this!!! (Please please please do this Astros, my sanity is on the line here)


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