Man it’s crazy to think that back in May, the idea of Elmyra started.  Now she’s freaking here!!  We always knew that releasing a garment pattern as opposed to a one-size-fits-all accessory pattern would be quite the beast, and it was, but it just makes it that much sweeter when you finally let her into the wild!!


There certainly were timing flubs, especially since we started so early, and we had to frog 100,000 times, but it was all worth it.  So proud of this baby!

Elmyra is a top down raglan sweater, knit in the round so that you only have 4 tiny threads to weave in when you’re done.  She has dropped stitches throughout that you get to release at the end, which is not only a straight reward, but it means your sweater has tiny vents to help you survive these warm fall months?  Either way, if its cold AF you can layer, and if it’s a bit warm, you can get some wind beneath your wings!

She is available on our Ravelry page (If you don’t have a Ravelry account, you can use this handy button —> ), AND on our brand spanking new Etsy site, which you can either access here or by just hitting that good ol’ Shop button in our menu!!

Want Elmyra in your closet but you don’t know how to knit? Do not fret! On Wednesday we will have ready-to-wear versions in Camo (pictured), Black Tweed, and Marble in S, M, and L sizes. We will be introducing a Mustard colorway within the next few weeks as well, all in our Shop!

Whether you buy the pattern or the ready made garment, we want to see!! Be sure to tag us @tinystitchers and #elmyrasweater so we can gush over your process/how you style her XOXOXO

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