BOOOOOYYYYYYYY Fashion Month came and went, holy cow.  We got a little ambitious this year and thought we could rummage through all the fashion shows, and put out two sweater patterns all in the month of September while having day jobs (LOL high hopes!), but instead wound up behind on everything.  Behind BUT we will be delivering all we have promised so yes, please send all your praises and applause because we are tired and we need it (and you KNOW we’re sending our praises and applause right back, my dudes)!  Alright, before I get one more day behind in NY…here are your NYC Spring knitwear trends!!

New York was hot 4 knits.  Some shows, like from The Elder Statesmen, were all knit and mostly sweaters including TYE DYE KNIT SWEATERS, I DYED! (eye roll)  Alas, we have to scout the trends and we have found a few, check ’em out.


Never met a person who doesn’t love making a marled garment.  Don’t plan on meeting a person who doesn’t love making a marled garment.  Guess what, New York loves making a marled garment and they’re v cool and v drool worthy. (P.S. did Kors basically do a So Faded…??)




The NY Spring runways were filled with beautiful crocheted and knitted lace, ethereal knit fabrics, dropped stitches and other skin peeking design choices, but standing out were the sporty eyelets.  That chunky mesh had me SO PUMPED, friends.  Breathable sweaters are everything out here in LA!




Among the sporty eyelets, were the sweet ruffles.  The femme power was alive and bringing it this season, and the knits got to play as well.  Which explains why I’ve been dreaming in ruffles and forcing my hand to put one (or twenty??) in our next design.




I know its like yeah duh, it’s Spring/Summer, of course things are sleeveless, but they were sweaters and they were ev-er-ry-where.  Some vests, which I included, but the most popular knit silhouette this season, was sleeveless.  I mean, I like that because hey, zero sleeve fatigue and it will save you like 40 bucks in yarn!  Brill.


That concludes our NYFW runway knit trends of SS2018!!  Going to start the Milan shows right this instant, any bets on how many looks Dolce & Gabbana put out this year?  I’m going to say 1,500.  As always, thank you Vogue Runway for giving us this window (like a huge bay window) into a world some of us can only dream to be a part of XOXO

– A


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