New year, new Tinies!!


We’re planning big thangs this year and couldn’t be more excited!!  First off, a huge HUUUUGGGEEEE thank you to everyone who purchased an item from our Etsy shop!!  It is so very appreciated, we cannot even begin to express <3.  We hope you enjoy your purchase, we truly put so much love into everything we do.  Stay tuned for more items in more colors ’cause we are going color nuts right now.

image1 (3)

After our first venture into making patterns and goods to sell, I think we will be a little more prepared this time around, haha.  No more starting in August, this year we start in January.  You won’t be tricking us this year, TIME.  I picked the yarn we needed for the upcoming designs early so that they could be Christmas presents :-$, let our brains go wild the whole month, swatched like crazy on my plane rides and now we have 4 sweaters, one hat and one mitten design that we want to release (goals, these are just goals).  That’s a lot!!  We’re hoping to get one out by March since it’s a short sleeve…but that may be too soon.  We also have some experiments up our sleeves as well, so let’s see just how many of these goals we can reach.  Stay tuned!


Oh also, I’m getting married this year!!!!!  It’s in San Francisco at the GREATEST VENUE OF ALL TIME, the Swedenborgian Church in Pac Heights.  This space is 100% magic, I can’t believe I’m having my big day there it’s such an honor!  Expect wedding planning updates sprinkled in with my pattern updates haha.  It’s going to be a veryvery big year XOXO


So this week’s check-in coincides directly with the start of 2018. 2018 baybay!! This past year brought a lot of amazing weirdness that really got us out of our comfort zones. Tiny Stitchers and their partners moved across the country, literally and figuratively together (you can see Ashley’s cross-country store here and Caroline’s cross-country story here), we moved into new apartments, we started jobs, ended jobs, and started jobs again. And we worked to bring Tiny Stitchers into the knit and fiber art community in a really earnest and purposeful way. It’s been such a thrill to become more and more a part of the yarn world and to see our little blog and Instagram grow. And, you better believe knitsters, we’re here to keep working our tuckuses off as we continue to learn, grow, and ultimately be inspired by this wonderful knit fam.


With that all said, I’ve been thinking about my own personal knitting and maker goals. After this past year, I have two big goal that I think are sustainable and achievable. My first one is about time and making to do the things you love. With this past year being such a time of transition and learning, I don’t think I was thoughtful when carving out time to spend on knitting. I basically let myself knit when I wasn’t doing something else, rather than setting dedicated and and intentional time to the craft. So this is my first goal for this coming year: Intentionally carve out a few hours once a week solely to thinking about and creating knitting projects.


This leads to my second goal for 2018: To make sure that I work on my projects every day. This could mean knitting a few rows, frogging an entire project, or just looking at the yarn and quietly screaming “DAMMIT WHAT WILL I MAKE WITH YOU?”

So that’s what’s hopefully in store for me in 2018 when it comes to yarn, fiber and knits. Stay tuned, I’m sure Ash and I will come back to these goals as a way to check in and keep ourselves honest.

What are your maker goals? Share below!



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