It’s been a crazy month. Nah, it’s been a crazy fall. As mentioned in our previous post, this winter we were relocated from our beloved (albeit cold and snowy) Brooklyn and moved cross-country to sunny and palm-tree filled Los Angeles. It’s been a full few months of saying goodbye to our favorite places including Purl Soho, Dirty Precious and Washington Square Park. To add to the craziness, we both road-tripped with our SOs. Here’s Caroline’s crazy ride:

First stop: Lousville, Kentucky

ZP (the husband) and I packed up our rented Chevy Traverse and hit the open road Christmas Eve and headed straight to Louisville. Christmas Eve dinner was a delicious meal at Shoney’s. Yes, Shoney’s is still around! I got to work right away on a Habu Textiles washcloth that is all mine! (Note: the colors run together when used — obviously. Not a big deal at all. Still love it. Will simply make solid colored ones for other people.)

Second stop: Columbia, Missouri

We made it to my parents’ house by Christmas afternoon! (#speeddemon) My mom had all the food and cranberry cocktails at the ready. The parents also gave Zack the BEST present: a 3D mammoth puzzle that moves and roars. He loved it.

Third stop: New Orleans, Louisiana

I. Love. It. Here. New Orleans just has a magic to it that only rivals the magic of New York City. So much design and color inspiration, too! We stayed in this SUPER CUTE hotel in the French Quarter, ate our weight in fried chicken at Willie Mae’s Scotch House, drank our weight in beer and whiskey on Bourbon Street, and listened to as much music as possible. I obviously took the most photos here. Ashley and Ben also stopped in NOLA. We left them a little present, but sent them on a tiny scavenger hung to find it…Ashley has more on that li’l game.

Fourth stop: Shreveport, Louisiana

We stopped here specifically for the antique and thrift stores. We hit up Kings Antique Mall and they did NOT disappoint. So many treasures.

**Ok, so, apparently Instagram does not automatically save photos you include in a story. I’m missing the BEST knit shorts and top outfit I found in a thrift store in Shreveport, LA. Life will go on, but, oh, how I wish I could show you them. They were blue and white yarn, kind of marked, with a little red at the trim…sigh… #whoops #stupidsocialmedia

Fifth Stop: Mineral Wells, Texas

We just really stopped here for the night. There seems to be some cool stuff to do here, though! If nothing else, the scenery is beautiful and I got to start a new knitting project. I’m making myself the Knitting With Company Beaubourg sweater because it gets cold at night in LA, ok?

Sixth stop: Santa Fe, New Mexico

We made it to Santa Fe in time for my birthday. Honestly, this city, and New Mexico in general, made me really understand how beautiful, strange and complicated the United States truly is, if just for the changing landscape alone. I didn’t take a lot of photos here because I was in awe of the architecture and ZP got me a facial and massage for my birthday, so I was kind of out of it and high from the lavender and eucalyptus fumes. But I did get to work on my sweater as we drove through that precious scenery.

Sixth stop: Grand Canyon (Page, Arizona)

Friends. The Grand Canyon is a TRICKSTER. It was full – to the brim – with fog when we got there. This made me like it all the more and can’t wait to go back to actually SEE the wonder that is the Grand Canyon. We did see other marvels that just took my breath away, and I got some sweetgrass incense that made me happy. Also there is a city called Tuba City and that made my heart soar all the more. Tuba City!

Seventh and final stop: Los Angeles, California

New home sweet new home. I only saw the building and apartment once before we moved and they redid the stairs in that time. It was a sweet little welcome surprise, but oh, so different than my Brooklyn home. Now time to start this adventure (after I get back from Prague?!?)

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