It’s December which means if you’re like us, when you’re sitting you’re knitting.  Isn’t it funny that when you’re cranking out beanies and scarves for holiday gifts, you’re the MOST inspired by what’s around you?  I feel like every time I’m making for others, I get hit with 3 different sweater ideas and struggle to focus on anything else!  Or I at least see 10,000 patterns that make my mouth water and that I KNOW would straight glow in my wardrobe.  But alas, all we can do is jot these ideas down, bookmark those patterns, and wait ’til January.  Until then, it’s churning out gifts until you can’t churn no more!

For those of you just starting, or still browsing for patterns and ideas for quick gifts – don’t fret!  You still have time, and there are plenty of great weekend projects out there on the ‘net.  We just wanted to add one to the mix real quick 🙂


This is Jo – a unisex beanie with random drop stitches to add a little fun to your workload.  Also some therapy?  Ever open up a drop stitch??  It’s my knitting equivalent to peeling the protective plastic off a new electronic.  Jo actually started out as a go-to beanie pattern that I made a while back.  I try and make 3-5 of these so that I’m covered for secret santa’s and surprise guests every year, plus if I have leftovers, I save them for winter birthday’s or next Christmas.

Jo is made in a bulky weight yarn, so depending on your speed, you can crank out 2 beanies in one weekend.  It’s also knit using smaller needles, making a more dense fabric because nothing is worse than wind cutting through your hat, omg.  Because it’s a fairly easy pattern, we would’ve normally made this a free pattern BUT, we are active knitters so we are selling this on our Rav page (tinystitchers) for $1 with 100% of proceeds going to ACLU.

We hope you enjoy making Jo as much as we do and that it becomes a staple in your knit gift regimen!

Enjoy and happy holiday knitting!


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