Le sigh

Paris has ended, thus concludes the main Fashion Week cities ALTHOUGH, I should note that our weeks of fashion have not ended.  We still have Kiev, Stockholm, Seoul, Australia, and Sao Paulo just to name a few, so keep that Vogue Runway tab open, babies.

On our way home from leaving a FABULOUS ladies sleep over (face masks, nail painting, knitting, cooking, drinking, Swayze-ing, etc.) at our dearest friend’s apt, Caroline and I got to chatting about the biggest differences between NYC, Milan and Paris.  NYC is always too cool for itself, and knows it, Milan is opulence and character overload, and Paris DGAF aka is super beautiful and artsy.  These large differences between them is such a palate cleanser, and the fact that they somewhat stay true to themselves despite changing trends, is just so necessary.  There has to be SOME kind of consistency, right?  I’ve mentioned this once before, but my heart really belongs to Milan.  As much as I desire the NYC collections, and am inspired by PFW, Milan is the playful, loud, and genius middle super star child that needs to separate the two cool AF other siblings.  It’s such a beautiful balance.  Fun Fact!  In college, my design teacher taught us that Paris used to kick off fashion week, and NYC would close out, since it was the new kid on the block.  Well, P started getting a little suspect about N’s collections because they seemed a little to similar to theirs SO they screamed plagiarism! and had them flip-flop.  Meanwhile, M was sipping Prosecco in her feathers and furs ❤


-Trend Watch-

Before we kick of the trends (MORE WAITING!) we must address the elephant in the room:

Loewe Hank Clutch

Isn’t she lovely??  You’ve seen this clutch maybe 1,000 times by now, but we can NOT start a PFW trend report without basking in her glory.



PARIS. LOVES. SHINY.  Everything was glitzing and glimmering this season, especially the knits.  I already have some AMAZING yarn to feature with this trend when we get closer to spring and I am ITCHING to chat about it!!!  Hurry up spring!!  Just kidding!!




Here’s to destaching the PFW way!!  Get those scrapers and have at it.



Skin tight, sheer, cutouts, we have all of them.  I personally will find my bikini ready inspiration in that Margiela scarf-as-shirt number 😉


Mixed Media

This is probably my favorite trend of PFW this season.  I love the idea of adorning my knitwear this spring with anything that catches my eye.  From charms to leather, it all works and it all looks great!



Neutral tones owned the runway knits this season which, lets be honest, is great for like 95% of us.  Don’t be frontin like you only going for colors at the yarn store!  We all go “OMGGGG that oatmeal tweed get out of here!!  No, no I said I would get lavender, I should stick with lavender.”


Friendly reminder – in February we will be reposting with patterns and yarns on trend so you can showcase the LATEST and make everyone jealous.  We gotchu.

Last but certainly  not least

Rykiel Forever ❤



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