Hello and welcome to our first ever Tiny’s Guide post!!  Our goal here for this particular Guide is to take all the runway trends that we’ve reported for the current season, and hunt down the yarns and patterns out in the wild that match!

Let’s get started with Paris!

Metallic Yarn 

Loooove love love love love working with metallic yarn!  Makes me feel like I’m Rumpelstiltskin, and every girl DREAMS of feeling like Rumpels, yeah?  Although I’m about 4 projects deep right now, I think my next purchase is going to be Purl’s Spun Silk so that I can make their BEAUTIFUL Drawstring Cami that I’ve had my eyes on for a while now ❤

Our other faves for upcoming Tin Man Spring projects include Patons Metallics,  Habu Textiles Root Sizing Silk, Filatura di Crosa Night, and Knitpicks Luminous Lace!

Patchwork Patterns

Patterns Patchwork Sue Bradley
Patchwork Sweater $6.61

I WILL MAKE THE PATCHWORK SWEATER FEATURED IN THIS POST BECAUSE OMG LOOK AT IT.  My jaw DROPPED when I saw this sweater. Guys it really does pay to get into the 40’s when combing through Ravelry pages.  Anywho, that amazing sweater is by Sue Bradley from 1988 and is SOOO on trend right now it’s incredible.  Can you imagine all the color combos?!  My head is spinning!!

Patterns Patchwork Wilma Peers
Patchwork Top $4.00

This Patchwork Top by Wilma Peers is hands-down the coolest beginner project that could ever exist.  It’s just ten garter squares, that’s it!!  This is for the de-stashing of the century.

Picture: Miki Barlok
Scarfy Thing FREE

Who better than Hedgehog Fibres’ Beata Jezek to give us this great and colorful summer scarf??  It’s the perfect excuse to buy ALLLL the Skinny Singles in the colors you may have been a little afraid of 😉

Patterns Patchwork Rowan
Shuffle Kimono FREE

Now this is my dream summer coat.  Can’t you see this in a light weight metallic yarn?  Or speckles?  This beaut is Shuffle Kimono by Kaffe Fassett and it is F-R-E-E!


Patterns Bodycon Quince
Annex $24.00 (Collection)

Sheer, tight, and fun cutouts, that’s what summer’s all about!  I’m so happy we didn’t post this before Quince & Co’s Framework Collection came out, because I am in love with Annex by Norah Gaughan.  This is the type of design where you just have to facepalm because “why didn’t you think of that?!”  It’s gorgeous.

Patterns Bodycon Nemko
Summer Holey Dress $5.90

Summer Holey Dress by Helen Nemko is just that.  What a great basic with a slight edge, right?  I could easily see this one being a classic staple in my wardrobe for years.

Patterns Bodycon WATG
I Feel the Love Dress $140

Speaking of wardrobe staples, this is I Feel the Love Dress by WATG.  I dare you to find me a better day to night knit.  DARE YOU.  It’s super sexy, it’s timeless, aaand the kit is paired with Shiny Happy Cotton – a Tiny Stitchers fave.

Well that does it for pt 1.  Be sure to check back soon for pt 2, babies!


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