I’m finally here.

I’ve finally slogged through all the Paris shows and I feel so relieved!  Don’t get me wrong, Paris was incredible this season and I loved it so much, but you have to be in a certain state of mind while scrolling through show after show.  Sometimes you get hit with too MUCH inspiration, lose your vision(s) and then your motivation to look at anything else.  It’s a strange purgatory that only happens to me when I go through a huge change and am trying to manage the chaos and guess who’s going through a huge change and trying to manage the chaos?!?  These two Tiny Stitchers who just moved across the country, that’s who!  Is my focus totally back?  No, but it is getting a little bit better which makes me happy.  As long as I finish my winter patterns by September, I’ll consider this year to be a success :)))

OK ENOUGH ABOUT MY EXCUSES!!!  Paris this season was artsy and inventive like she always is, which was SUCH a relief.  I needed that tiny pop of normalcy big time, and she delivered in moth eaten cardigans, deconstructed Lopapeysa’s, and traditional sweaters made up of not-so-traditional materials.  I’m still trying to pick the featured image for this post right now, it’s just too hard.  I think I have a good one in mind…lets see how I feel in 2 hours.


-Trend Watch-

Moth Holes

Moths can now be your little friends this Fall because Paris said so!  Hole ridden, distressed and destroyed knits (particularly the hems) were popping up everywhere, taking drop stitches to an even grungier level.

Garden Party

Silhouettes and colors varied heavily this season, but two things really stood out – half of these knits had a real sweetness about them.  Some had ruffles, some had demure lengths, but all of these could be worn at a cute little garden party.  Maybe a winter wonderland garden party, but still.

Art Sweaters

The other half, as mentioned above, were super artsy.  I know that’s such a cop out, but honestly I couldn’t think of anything else to call them!  They were random in every way; hemlines were asymmetrical, embellishments and colorwork became a real “kitchen sink” situation, and traditions were deconstructed and mixed with other materials.  It was between Art Sweaters and Fun Sweaters, which would you prefer?!?!?!?!?  You’ll see.

And that concludes Fall/Winter 2017 from the big boys.  Seems like a million years ago when I was combing through Milan haha but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.  Hope these trends bring you inspiration in your yarn, pattern and ready-made knit purchases this season!!


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