“In a time of uncertainty, there is a bond between us that can keep us strong and safe: the bond that unites those that respect the human rights of all. Let’s show the world that the fashion community is united and fearless.” – Angela Missoni

Ugh, chills and watery eyes every time.  The whole beautiful show was a beautiful statement from a beautiful woman in a beautiful family.  I’m so proud of the entire fashion world’s loud reaction to this recent American news, and understanding their platform and the importance of using it.  It’s inspiring, infectious and a great reminder that if we help only one person, or change one persons heart from hate to love, it is all worth it.

While heading into Fall/Winter MFW,  I can’t help but fantasize about all the Italian designers going straight nuts.  A beanie so large it hits the models knees, maybe a knit sweater made out of gold painted rubber strips or clear vinyl, a bulky knit wedding dress, you know some real avant garde runway DRAMA.  So far that hasn’t happened (especially this season?), but Milan still had some fun with color and shape and this is why I love her the most.

-Trend Watch-


Sweater dresses, knit dresses and oversized sweaters all came together to create the runway’s preferred form for keeping our bodies warm.  I’ve never made a sweater dress before, have you?  I’m worried about it being too heavy and growing a foot after one wear or making it too chunky and unflattering, but I think Les Copains has the answer for me with that bell-sleeved, sheer, striped number below XOXO


Y’all pumped?   Yeah, you’re pumped.  Long live oversized sweaters and accessories and everything!!  Bulky yarns, extra large sleeves, exaggerated necklines and floor-sweeping scarves were all present this season giving me the itch to add yet ANOTHER sweater pattern to my already growing list.

Off the Shoulder

Showin’ off dem shoulders remains a trend, which means more Vinyasa flows for all of us.  That’s a good thing!   Milan’s Fall version featured many fold over necklines, which is a nice alternative to the peek-a-boos and cutouts we’ve been seeing.  Another nice thing is seeing a trend survive longer than 2 seasons!  Maybe our upcoming Roaring (insert Pussy Hat emoji here) 20’s will have an actual look to them after all.


The shows all-together this season are about strength instead of sex, feminism instead of romanticism, and playing with gender.  Naturally, that means you’re not going to see the normal feathers and furs of Milan, UNLESS you’re talking about the knitwear.  The loudest pieces seemed to be in cheeky characters on sweaters, color blocking, geometric designs and broken down fair isle (ala Alexander McQueen last Spring wink wink)

Paris has already begun and I have yet to see one look…it’s crunch time, baby!!  Thank you to voguerunway.com for giving us access to these wonderful gifts, and thank you to everyone who find these posts useful!   We love you!!

See ya in a few,



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