GUESS WHAT IT’S FASHION WEEK BAYBAAAYYY!!  Fall has been my favorite for so many reasons, but now that we’re specifically hunting runway knits, I feel like its the World Series.  Straying from its usual cool AF attitude, the NYC runways were predominately classic, and I liked it?!  With look after look of stockinette, ribbing and cables, the focus was on texture and luxe fibers, rather than embellishment and colorwork.  With that said, the main image I used for this post is my favorite piece of the season by my favorite designer that shows in NY – Delpozo.  It is a fluffy sweater riddled with embellishments and intarsia (!!!!) haha, oops.  Anyways onto what you are here for….

-Trend Watch-


Using mohair, angora, cashmere, alpaca, etc…the look was fancy fluff.  Yo, I bet there is some mohair on sale at your LYS, GO NOW GO GO GO!!


Oh don’t we all love a ribbed sweater.  They’re squishy, comfy and so easy to make!  If you are looking for a first sweater project this fall, fashion says rib.  Seriously, I think 80% of the shows had at least one ribbed or brioche sweater in them.  It’s going to be super difficult to pick out 6-8 looks for this slide show you’re about to see…


Stock up on that fisherman’s wool babies because it’s. going. down. in the Aran sweater world!  Textured garments were all over the NY runways in their winter whites, with some pops of color throughout.  Shout out to the fire engine red sweaters that have stolen my heart and all of my blood.  I am so anxious to get one started, ugh WHY can’t I crave a sweater when I have nothing in my queue?!?!


Showing a lil skin never hurt anybody, right?  JK cropped anything is mad annoying, but it was fun to watch on the runways this season!  Particularly love the extreme crops for a layering piece that’s not only fresh and exciting, but probably will take, like, 3 skeins of yarn to make!


Man, being in LA means I probably won’t be able to take part in this trend of cover-your-entire-head turtlenecks…but boy oh boy and I going to try and make it work!  With a NYFW season of comfy-toasty, this was by far the coziest trend.

That’s it for now!  Thank you forever to for allowing us near instant glimpses into these shows and the world of fashion!  Next post will be up after we digest all of the Milano moda.  Ugh, we love you Italy!



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