Welllcome baaack to part two of our SS2017 Tiny’s Guide!  Today we will be looking at lovely Milan ❤


I’ve been working on a mesh tank for about 5,000 years now because it’s my go-to “it’s summer I guess I should do this until I can make sweaters again” interim project.  I never finish because my heart isn’t into it, so my advice to myself this year is: JUST FINISH THE DING DANG THING.

Patterns Mesh Catcat
Didi & Catcat FREE
All of this inspiration will certainly help me along the way, like this Cutest Sweater of All Time, Didi & Catcat by Catcat.  You know how fast this will knit up?  This is a 6 hour plane ride summer sweater and its FREE!  I’ll take one in every color, please.

Patterns Mesh Mueller
Boho Catch $3.99
Here is your tried and true fisherman’s net type sweater, which if you don’t have right now (me), you’ll need one eventually!  Go out, get your favorite recycled denim yarn and make Boho Catch – Breezy Summer Cardigan by Marianne Mueller!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Fishnet Socks FREE
There are zero, and I mean zero!, reasons to not have 1000 pairs of these socks.  Look at these socks!!  You only need 90 yards of fingering and it’s free so if you want a solid gift pattern, look no further than these Fishnet Socks by KNITSAFARI


I learned in design school that stripes and florals will always be a trend in Spring/Summer and you know what, it’s true and that’s crazy.  Fashion is such a weird beast that is forever trying to be different while rotating in the same direction, but you can always count on stripes and florals to be present.  For me, this means that I have to be creative on how to present something as simple as stripes, but also that I have an endless supply of patterns to choose from.  Good luck 2018 Ashley!

Patterns Stripes LANGYARNS
243-38 $6.00
Are you following LANGYARNS?  They consistently come at you with patterns that look straight off the runway and they did NOT disappoint this season!  Here is look 243-38 from their pattern book Urban.  The whole thing is cool as hell, including the styling.  I hope I have enough time to make this dress this year!

Patterns Stripes Berg
Whiteout $5.86
I mean I obviously don’t need to explain this one to you, but just in case – this is Whiteout by Melanie Berg!  I shouldn’t have with all the WIPs I have on my head right now, but I just bought the yarn for this shawl yesterday and to SAY IM EXCITED IS A BIG TIME UNDERSTATEMENT MY MOUTH IS ACTUALLY WATERING AT THE THOUGHT OF CASTING ON.  I got myself 3 skeins of Cascade Alpaca Lace in Ecru and 2 skeins of Manos Alegria in Cabaret (maybe the colorway I dream of the most?) and I’m so excited to see the speckle come to life in that striped pattern eeeeeeeee!!!!!

Patterns Stripes Rowhouse
Capri $5.00
Chances are you probably have a lightweight striped pullover, but we just found a cooler one!  This is Capri by Erika Knight for Row House and it is the perfect trendy length in body and sleeve, perfect neck, perfect stripe width, everything!


Old friend.  Day one.  Ride or die.  All my names for cardis, the garment that has been with me through thick and thin.  Sigh, ILY.

Patterns Cardi Jarrs
Bombus $10.36
Oh these little details.  They’re so sweet and I appreciate them so much!  This was actually the first post I ever “saved” on Instagram and I’ve very proud of that because a few months later, I still loooooovvvvveeeeee this cardigan!!  This is Bombus by Miriam Jarrs for Pom Pom

Patterns Cardi Flood
Channel Cardigan $8.00
Who wasn’t obsessed with this guy after Karen Templer’s adventure in knitting her Channel Cardigan by Jared Flood for BT.  To be totally honest, I can’t imagine it in my wardrobe in any other color but camel so, thank you Karen but I’m sorry I have to copy you to the T.

Patterns Cardigan Plummer
Campside Cardi $6.50
Love this cutie!  Love that is is 100% a staple for those cool summer nights, but it’s juuuuust different enough with those fun eyelet details!  If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves basics but has everything, the pattern you are looking for is Campside Cardi by Alicia Plummer


OoOoOoh la la boudoir is loud and proud in the knit world!  Wear those lil briefs under a sheer skirt, show off your new knit bralette ala Selena, and use your stash yarns because it takes like nothing to make these suckers!

Patterns Unders Fustich
Bettie $.99
Look, get yourself a skein of your favorite bulky pima in red, get yourself a (red would be bomb) lace pencil skirt and own the world.  Dude, it’s actually that easy.  This is Bettie by Katie Fustich 😉

Patterns Unders Riker
Bow-dacious Bikini $6.00
Ooooh baby I love this bra!!!  I wonder how easy this would be to wear if you are a lucky gal…but if you’re chillin at 32B like I am, this is great!  Haha this is the Bow-dacious Bikini by Lauren Riker

Cheeky Colorwork

To me Milan is f-u-n 100% all the time, so of course the cheekiest of colorwork patterns were in play.  As you can imagine, this was my favorite Rav search!  There are some awesome and funny patterns, but I had to pick three UGH.  So difficult.

Patterns Cheeky Gaal
Fangtastic $5.00
Mules are so huge right now, which means the back of your heels are also so huge right now.  Here is the absolute BEST way to show off your fun knits during the summer, thank you Wendy Gaal for this amazing pattern!!

Patterns Cheeky bunnymuff
a tapir for you, a tapir for me $6.00
If I could I would just use emoji’s to explain how great this sweater is, but I refuse to use them until they make a yarn emoji.  Ok, that’s a Tiny lie but like WTF right🤷🏼‍♀️?  At least a sewing emoji, how you gonna have two dragons but dismiss a whole community of makers?!?!??!  Anyways I freaking love this sweater, it is so so funny and it’s called a tapir for you, a tapir for me (by bunnymuff)

Patterns Cheeky Anikeeva
Russian Doll Sweater
Yessss yes yes yes closing this post out with a bang, look at this sweater!!!  It’s so sweet and cute and cool and awesome, you can make one for the whole family (Phillip, Elizabeth, Paige and Henry) in different sizes (the dolls, well and I guess the actual sweater) and colors!  Here is the Russian Doll Sweater by Irina Anikeeva


Check back in a few days for pt 3, babies!!



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