Well, we have now officially moved on to Paris, aka one step closer to SS2017 RTW coming to an end.  I’m bummed (!!!), but we’re not going to worry about that just yet.  We are here to reminisce on the wonders of last week because, per usual, Milan did not disappoint.  If you only have time to watch a few shows from MFW, I suggest Dsquared2FendiArthur Arbesser (a new favorite of mine) and Giamba.  I think these shows capture most of the season feels – the fun opulence and innovation that is Milan.  If you have a bit more time, you can check out the 94 LOOKS OF DOLCE & GABBANA!!!!  It’s always the most fun show and worth it, but my God, how do they have time to do 94 looks?!?!  It’s not like they only do Spring and Fall…!  They are super humans.  Anyways, let’s do this!



Milan this year seemed very sporty, and also had somewhat of a fisherman/marine vibe. Not surprising that meshy/net like knits popped up quite often on the runways.


You got your sporty, your preppy, your hard ass b&w and your sunny popsicle looks. They’re all here, all the striped knits you could ever need, babies!  Not only on the knitwear, stripes were everywhere and MOST were horizontal so…brace yourselves :/


I own aboutttttt…….2,500 cardis so, uh, yeah.  I like this trend a lot.


Getting real cheeky with your knits is great because:

  1. Real cute
  2. Your stash yarn is BEGGING to be turned into a bralette and/or some cute briefs.


YAYAYAY!  Because Milan is home to Moschino, and Moschino is home to Jeremy Scott, you can be certain that it’s going DOWN in the awesome motif department in Italy. Peep the whole show here, it’s amazing!

Shout out to Vogue Runway for providing literally every bit of fashion we could possibly handle.  You the real MVP.

Next up – Paris.

Au revior!


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