Ahh fall fashion.  The Summer Olympics of the design world.  Speaking of ‘lympics, I’m writing this as I’m watching women’s skeleton (shout out to my Nor Cal girl Kendall Wesenberg) and it is TERRIFYING!!!  You can hear their helmets scraping on the ice!  I literally say this every four years “OMG HOW DO THEY DO THIS??!?!” haha ok go team USA, lets move on to fashun.

New York was a dream.  Silhouettes are changing in a dramatic way, beautiful simple stitches are being shown off in larger gauges and everything is in color color color!  Sure this was predictable, but NY can sometimes be a teen that does it’s best to rain on your parade.  This year, she was 25 and baby, she was wearing sweaters for scarfs with zero apologies.


Trend Watch

Handmaid’s Red

Red was so popular this year, that if you didn’t have it in your show, what were you doing?!  It wasn’t just any tone of red either, but that scary, cultish, TRUE red from the Handmaid’s Tale.  How could that color not stick with you?  And you can’t forget that beautiful deep green…  Wait, can we talk about how genius Ane Crabtree was with those colors??  We were forced to only look at green and red and never once thought about Christmas.  That is certainly a feat.


Colorful Cables 

Continuing on the color train, NY was showing off its texture in a big way.  Neons, electrics, super saturated, all types were represented and we are over the moon about it!




I’m realizing now that this fall season is basically Stephen West faves.  We’re only missing marled…

Brioche was so prevalent on the runways, that I decided to get super particular and highlight the brioche raglans.  Mostly because we can’t wait to get one on our needles and up our basics, but if you want to see the others and ALL of the fun knits of NYFW18, you can find those on our Pinterest board here!



Last but not least is my favorite trend of the season, length.  Cropped was great, especially for my bank account, but I’m ready to move on in a big way.  Long flowy cardigans, butt covering but not oversized sweaters and asymmetrical tunic/sweater things breathed so much life into where knitwear is going next,  I can’t wait to see if the other countries will follow suit.


Well that’s all from New York, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  Stay tuned for our Milan post in a few weeks and as always, thank you to Vogue Runway for allowing us to view these shows and keeping the art of fashion accessible to all!


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