Hello from warmer-than-usual-for-February New York City, readers! I’ve been in New York for a work trip for the past few days, which means I’ve been visiting some our old haunts (Hello, again, PurlSoho you downtown minx), using my my city legs, and getting into glaring fights with people who stand too close to me on the subway. Ah, it’s good to be back!IMG-1877

This week’s Tiny Check-In falls in line with the #yarnlovechallenge topic of multiples. If you haven’t been following along, each day in February @yarnlovechallenge provides the yarn community a topic to post a picture about. Go check the hashtag on Instagram to see the rest of this photos from the challenge!


And so today’s topic is #multiples, and I want to talk about the multiple times it can take to work on ONE project, design, thought. As some of you know, I’ve been dreaming about, talking about, plotting about, writing about creating a wall hanging that incorporate yarn and knitting and will take up the wall space behind my bed. I knew this was going to be a big project, but what I didn’t really take into true consideration was the multiple ways in which this project would recreate itself.


The multiple times I would design and redesign the pattern. The multiple apps I would use when I realized that just starting something doesn’t work without some planning first. The multiple times I would try one thing (maybe I’ll actually knit the whole thing!), and then another (hmm..that looks more like a blanket, maybe I should cross-stitch? Oh, hmm, maybe weave?) and then another (no! embroider!?). Basically the multiple times I have started working on it and then have to start all over again. I’ve finally reached a stage where I’m creating a tiny version – a swatch – of the overall pattern and am now experimenting with how cables can be incorporated into the design. Or maybe i-cords? See, so there are multiples that are still to be uncovered in my future when it comes to this project. And like any experiment, I’m hoping that it turns out the way I want, but you never know. You can only do the best with the information and knowledge you have now, and then then be open to the multiple lessons you’ll inevitably learn.

xo, Caro



Tiny Obsession


Honestly, I think I’m very obsessed with the color pink. Specifically blush. I keep seeing it everywhere, and I keep wanting to have it near me. You may have noticed that a lot of our Insta Stories are highlighted in pink, I just bought some new Vans that are blush, I keep picking out clothing that has a pinky blush to it. And, while it’s Ashley that has been knitting that cloud of blush cotton mohair, I find myself sometimes just looking at our Instagram drooling over the colors. Heck, we even have been playing with some new backgrounds to use for photos, and you better believe that I want it to be pink. From someone who’s in love with neutrals and wearing black all of the time, the attraction to pink and even thinking of pink as a neutral is brand new to me! Is anyone else having a blush pink craving right now?!?



C, totally with you on the blush thing.  I’m wearing a blush coat as I’m writing this and always forget that I want to wear this every day?  Speaking of clothing, my life is mostly Fashion Week at the moment.  Clicking through show after show is both exhausting and inspiring and baby, I am fully inspired by New York!!  NYFW had everything I was hoping Milan would have this year – color, different silhouettes, texture, e v e r y t h i n g.

Trying to pick a favorite look for this post is hard, but there is an obvious choice.  Thank you, Novis, for all your magic ILY.


Milan started yesterday, and I am so excited since MFW is always my fave but it’s really going to be hard to top NYC this year (!!)  Stay tuned for our MFW post in about a week!

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