Hello HELLO!

Hope everyone’s weeks have been amazing.  Somehow it’s May which means tomorrow it will be September and it’s fine everything is fine!  (Would be ok with getting an extra month a year idk)

We have SO. MANY. NEW. PROJECTS on the horizon that we are so very excited about, and also that we can’t really talk about hehe, but I will say that they are the most perfect summer projects.  They’re both about building and discovering community and they’re literally all we can think about all the time.  What I can share is the stash yarn cardi that I’ve been working on as a mindless treat after all of this pattern writing.  I’m calling her the Painted Desert Cardigan because of the colors I’ve chosen, and she is 100% improvised.  No pattern, just feels<3


(I did mark down how many stitches I’ve used for each piece, and it’s truly a simple simple knit so it is POSSIBLE to write the pattern if we feel like it…)

Wedding planning is still going strong.  Checking boxes off and finding happy mistakes along the way.  One thing I’ve learned is that while planning a wedding really sucks, if you just let go and ignore everyone bothering you and keep your expectations to a normal level, you’ll be fine!  You may even get rewarded!  You may book your rehearsal dinner at a fancy restaurant in the most baller hotel in SF, and they may double book and accommodate that minor issue by giving you a FREE HONEYMOON SUITE FOR THE NIGHT OF YOUR WEDDING YES THIS REALLY HAPPENED I WAS NEAR TEARS!

Remember (mostly talking to myself here) – it’s not that serious, be nice, take CBD oil when needed (all the time), and knit your little heart out when things are getting to be a bit too much.



Ok, so I’m pretty close to getting close to finishing up Babs. The front is finally done (and you know what a struggle that was!) and I’m working on the back. I’m thinking I might nix the sleeves on this version and see how it goes. So maybe like a Babs tank… but we’ll see! That’s the other very fun thing about this lady – she’s pretty versatile and the pattern is flexible enough for some slight modifications, if the knitter is into that. But now that I’m (finally!!) on track getting this bad ass lady done, I can’t stop daydreaming about my next project(s). I have a few that have fallen by the wayside for now, that I need to come back (you all remember my obsession with my wall-hanging. I promise, that guy has not left my brain. I just realized I needed to learn more.), but I’m actually starting to dream up the babywares again. This time with my new-found love for embroidery, I have some delicious ideas up my sleeve. I cannot wait to work on them and share them with you all, too. Oof – knitting and embroidering. I love it when crafts and worlds collide.


For now, my goal is this: next check-in, I will have a photo of me wearing Babs because that’s how complete she’ll be!


Tiny Obsessions



I am finally into Instagram Stories thanks to Unfold!  I mean, I’m really feeling all the Stories apps out there, but Unfold has been integral in my latest obsession, I can’t get enough of it!  Caroline is our leader when it comes to stories because she is so freaking good at it, but now I feel inspired to add my photos/experiences and great creative.

Also really into Feature (for Stories as well) because it does a few things Unfold cannot.  Basically you should get both if you haven’t already!

Oh and then buy A Design Kit for the fonts and pretty stickers!  It’s worth it, we swear.  Ok that’s it haha.




For Valentine’s Day, Zack got us a tomato plan. A little plant that we can watch grow little tomatoes and then eat them with some olive oil and delicious bread. Since then we have both been completely and totally obsessed with making sure this little guy is taken care of and growing. We’ve even gone so far as to get him some friends. I mean, a tomato plant has to have a posse to help him grow! So now we have a little urban fire-escape garden of strawberries, various types of peppers, basil, chives, and thyme. And it’s worked!! We have a bunch of delicious home-grown tomatoes. The other plants are muscling along, and haven’t produced any fruit yet. Except the strawberry plant. I have a feeling she’s going to be a bit feisty.



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