Hi friends and knitters! Ok, it’s been awhile since we’ve posted, but it’s been a pretty busy month if we do say so ourselves. Since our last post we’ve introduced you all to the lovely Babs, have continued to tinker with some new designs while working on some established ones, continued to play around with embroidering, and perhaps most importantly, we celebrated our very own bride to be (Ashley!) with what can only be described as the best best BEST weekend (I mean there was a waterfall, can you even??).

And, honestly, as many of you I’m sure can understand, we also had to deal with our day jobs, which sometimes just makes you plain ol’ tired at the end of the day, so the last thing you really want to do is keep looking at a screen when you could be knitting on the couch under the covers with your cat or dog or both knitting away. I mean, right?

So here’s a big ol’ tiny check-in to keep us honest on what’s been going on the past few weeks.


Knitting wise, I’m truly very very obsessed with Babs and have been knitting her up like a fiend. We’re so very excited to see how the rest of you are enjoying your time with her. Please don’t forget to tag it with #BabsSweater so we can see your beautiful work! I’m working her in a cotton and linen blend, so I’ll report back when I’ve finished on how she lays. So far, though, so freaking good. The only thing that gives me trouble is that linen can sometimes be a stubborn babe and want to do her own thing. I’m here for that; I think that is the spirit of Babs. But here’s the thing: I’m not so happy about it when the lovely linen lordess decides to simply fall off my needle causing me to drop a stitch AND NOT EVEN NOTICE. I’ll spare you all the details, but I had made it pretty far up the left sleeve and then had to frog back into the body. She’s a vivacious one this linen queen, but that just means she’s going to be one heck of a spring sweater.



Tiny that yarn was a great choice, I can’t get over it!!

MAN WHAT A WHIRLWIND THESE LAST FEW WEEKS HAVE BEEN.  Between getting a new job, releasing Babs, fashun week, and my bachelorette…we are so happy to report that we are in the clear and suffered not a single scratch!  Thank you to all who have purchased Babs, we hope you are enjoying it as much as we did!!  As always, feel free to hit us up via email with any questions you may have ❤


While we are letting ourselves breathe for a moment (my birthday is this weekend and I’ll stay chillin), our work is never finished.  I still have a whole ding dang wedding to plan, although most of the big things are taken care of, and we have a few patterns we still want to release in the fall.  We also are working on a New Way of teaching others how to knit that we think will equally work for children as well as big children (adults + wine) that will take up most of our time during the next few summers.



But before we get into that, I’m going to treat myself 2018 to a new sweater (LOLOLOL) and I think the winner is the Vandre pullover (cropped) by Lori Versaci for Woolfolk Yarn potentially in this MAGIC colorway by McMullin Fiber Co?!?!  Gotta talk to Kate about getting that in worsted!


Tiny Obsession


Something I’ve been working on more and more is learning about embroidering. I’ve recently been taking a few classes at Makers Mess here in Los Angeles, and I’m really loving learning about this new craft. I’m hoping to take one more to keep learning about the different ways to approach the craft, when to know how many threads to choose, how to have a blank piece of fabric (or burlap) and how to approach the project without timidness. (This sentence just made me think about writing a whole post on being fearful of one’s own projects and what this might mean. Stay tuned for a potential future post on this #teaser.)



My current obsession is getting rid of shit!  Haha I’ve just recently cleaned out my closet and realized I had 15 BAGS OF CLOTHES I DON’T NEED ANYMORE.  Fifteen!!  What was I thinking??   Well now they are being donated and will get a new lease on life and that brings me so much joy.


Not only can my clothes breathe now, but I get a chance to see what I have, what I may be missing and the ratio of what I’ve made to what I’ve purchased.  If you’re trying to make the switch to slow fashion, it’s really helpful to see your progress in your closet.   Can’t recommend it enough!

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