Hey all!

Thanks for your patience on this PFW post.  I knew it would be a matter of time before Babs final touches took priority over fashion week posts.  Happy it only happened after I was able to look at all the shows!  Hard part is over haha.

Paris was like Milan, in that there weren’t too many knits (I felt like most happened in one day) and no super clear trends, but different because it didn’t really evolve from the last few seasons.  New York and Milan shed a skin that was fun and super exciting, and we didn’t really feel that here*.

(*Not saying the shows weren’t great, they were v Parisian cool.)

Trend Watch



In true Paris (Sacai to be exact) fashion, PFW displayed her deconstructed knits like no one else can.  Bringing that collage-y cool, “you-can’t-buy-this-anywhere-don’t-even-try” look to the runway was exactly what I was craving, and I hope that stays for a few more seasons!  We all seriously need to go to some thrift shops, buy some old knits, chop ’em up and give new life to old blazers, pants, dresses, skirts…you get it.  Up-cycling at its chicest.




80’s were the strongest trend in Paris this season, and knit-wise, it was reflected in the colorwork.  I couldn’t help but imagine Mary from Dumb and Dumber in Aspen in all of these sweaters (!I know that movie was from the 90’s!), especially at Isabel Marant.




Not only in yarn weight, but in large shoulders and boxy bodies, many shows were showing bulk in many ways.  I think it was the density of the garments that made me turn to the word bulk as opposed to oversized, many looks had this beautiful, shapeless warmth to it that we all truly want to live in.




Big ol chunky cables are back at it again, this season in cheeky designs, sets, in mostly muted colors.



Well that concludes our knitwear trend report for FW 2018!  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and we REALLY hope it inspires you to get something on your needles or start dreaming up and designing your own knits!  If it does, we wanna see!!

Be sure to bookmark these posts so that you can reference them forever and ever (or until the trends die), and follow us on Pinterest to see alllllllll of those beautiful beautiful knits.

As always, a big huge thank you to Vogue Runway for blessing our eyeballs.  Y’all are the best ever.

Ok love you, fashion rules, byeeeee!!



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