Dystopian 60’s mod sport!?  My DREAM!

Milan has been pretty political lately, and this season is no exception.  Late 60’s dystopia is my absolute  f a v o r i t e, and I think our current climate plus the world coming together for the Olympics was the main source of inspiration for this season.   Plus with the new Fahrenheit 451 movie coming out soon, I can’t think of a better time for dystopian 60’s mod sport to arrive in full force.

Honestly, it should be every season and all the time forever and ever but…

Anyways, lets take a look at the KNITS, which there honestly weren’t a lot of.  Despite my love for this season, the knits were kinda sparse.  Luckily a few trends emerged (and that is what we’ll be looking at today)

Trend Watch



Even though dour, minimal and chunky was the name of the game, MFW just couldn’t help itself.  Sprinkles of beaded and embroidered knits graced the runways to liven it up just a bit and give you that little shot of light.


Fuzzy Luxe

To my extreme joy, fuzzy sweater halos were seen all over the place (I can’t say this enough, I think this season was made for me??).  Mohair, cashmere, Angora, etc – all of my top difficult plane ride/public transportation yarns were there to encourage me to keep making and keep sneezing


Earth Neutral

The opposite of New York, Milan’s runways were covered in neutral earth tones that almost made you feel dusty?  Like maybe the air quality is bad??  I mean this in the absolute best way, I loved it!


Giant Turtlenecks

Not straying too far away from past seasons, the main silhouette was all about those giant floppy turtlenecks which reminds me that it’s not too late to make one of my own!  But I also live in LA so…never mind




That wraps up beautiful Milan!  If you want to see ALLLL the knits, be sure to follow us on Pinterest HERE!  Thank you to Vogue Runway for keeping us up to date, you guys are forever the best and I love you.  Ok now I’m going to go watch the old Fahrenheit, be back in a few weeks to discuss Pair-ee!


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