Confession: I’ve been having an out and out affair on knitting. I’ve been exploring…other fiber arts. Eep! I know. But it feels really good to finally get this off my chest.


Ok, so, I’ve had this idea for a wall-hanging that has been dancing around in my brain for awhile. I’ve spent some time designing it (downloaded this fun app and have been loving it.) I was convinced that I’d be able to knit it right up! I really thought it would work, but, friends, turns out a knitting up a “wall-hanging” is really just looking knitting a blanket. Whodathunk.

If knitting isn’t going to work I’m determined to use yarn somehow. It seemed like I’d have to start looking into weaving, embroidery or cross-stitching. I have a weaving loom, but it’s not big enough for what I’m thinking. So that left me with embroidery or cross-stitching. I don’t think I’ll get the look i’m going for with cross-stitching, so I settled on embroidery; a fiber art that I have not yet really explored. I took a short class at Makers Mess and truly fell in love with this craft. It’s not hard, but does require so much thinking and planning before you get going.


It was important to me that I still at least used yarn, so I’ve decided to embroider onto burlap. And after a bit of brainstorming with Ashley, I’m still going to incorporate knit cables, i-cords, tassels, and other decorative knitting techniques into the finished project. This is the kind of project that I get so excited to work on, and then immediately get overwhelmed by my own excitement and enthusiasm for it and think I shouldn’t be working on something that brings me joy when there are other more practical projects that I should be working on. Like, I dunno, regular KNITTING projects and design ideas. But, I’m determined to keep working on this guy that keeps just poking at my brain and getting out of my own damn way.

Friends, I think my check-in just turned into a weird therapeutic confessional? Oh, knitting, the things you bring out in me.




I just started a new job that I love love love, but I’m too scared to knit here.  I know they would be cool with it…but you know you have to feel these things out for like a few months before you brave the Exposed Knitting world.  This is definitely putting a hinder on our design plans BUT that just means more late nights and staying focused.  We got this.


I’m still working on our mohair number, and it is still on time as of now (fingers crossed), so stay tuned for March 1!!!

Guys, it’s also almost Fashion Week and I AM SO PUMPED.  Nothing fuels your creativity like seeing beautiful and genius works, which is precisely the extra bump I need to get my portion of these designs ready by September.


Tiny Obsessions




Not eating cheese. Ok, I’m not obsessed with this, per se, but it’s something I’ve been doing and therefore thinking a lot about. Wait, so maybe I am obsessed…? Anyway, I’ve been doing it for health-related reasons, but whatever. It’s. So. Hard. and I miss cheese. SO. MUCH. Honestly, it’s not even the rest of the dairy stuff that’s hard, but just cheese. Cheese makes everything better! Have some veggies? Put cheese on ‘em! Have some tortilla chips? Put cheese on ‘me! Have a delicious meal of pasta? Cheese!!! But the thing is, it’s making me try all of these new recipes and think of food so differently. Which is very fun and hard, but is making me think more about the food I’m eating and making. The recipe that I’m currently most obsessed with is cashew sauce (thanks to o my friend Miranda). You can find an amazing recipe from Pinch of Yum here:



We are rebranding in a sense, and while I won’t give anything away, the prep for this is a full blown obsession(!!).  Because I am swearing myself to secrecy, I will talk about one teeny tiny detail – removable wallpaper.  We have an ever growing list of things we need, and beautiful wallpaper is one of them (THANK GOD), which means I’m now imagining how great my bathroom is going to be once I cover it in toucans.  Oh, and also deciding on a good backdrop for Tiny Stitchers (mostly dreaming about toucans).



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