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It’s September, which means sweater weather is around the corner, you’re planning all your knit gifts for the holidays hoping that this is the year you don’t start in November, no more acting like you can get used to knitting with linen, and FASHION WEEK!!  We’ve gone through every single NYFW show that Vogue Runway offers to bring you our…


Colorwork Fun

YAY!  These happy/cool knits, using intarsia and stranded knitting to create awesome images, make me yearn for yarn tangle hell!  Especially that Coach 1941 Jaws sweater.

Looooooong Sleeves

My hands STAY cold, so this is my favorite trend.  Plus it looks way cool 😉

Cutout Shoulders

Exposing shoulders is still having a big moment, which is a Christmas Miracle considering that trends these days last half a season.


Matchy matchy sets.  We’re talkin’ basic sweater sets, dresses + pants, tops + skirts, bras + maxi skirts, arm warmers +tanks, etc.

Maxi Dresses

Long and slinky and oooooh la la!  Get started now on your spring lacy knit maxi.


Azul was the colorway of choice for all the top knits in New York this season

If it’s too early to think about Spring 2017 knits right now, don’t worry we understand.  We’ll be reposting when S/S yarns and patterns come out and curate accordingly!!

Next up – Milano (my favorite)



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