Hello and welcome to Tiny Check-In, our latest sub-category created to talk about what we’re working on/dreaming of, while also keeping ourselves honest with all these ding dang WIPs!!

Some of our favorite things get lost in the mix of Insta because they’re custom gifts or just weird test things we’re working on, and that bums us out.  Everything handcrafted should be celebrated, and that’s exactly why we started this blog in the first place!  Looking forward to discussing our makes a few times a month, and would of course LOVE to hear what you’re working on as well in the comments/Instagram DM/email/whatever!


So apparently this is the year of the baby, and like a critical mass of friends are having offspring. Ok well maybe not a critical mass but enough to keep these knitting hands flying on teeny tiny needles. To keep things interesting I’ve got the following projects on my Stuff For Friends Queue:
– Baby Bloomers (see here for a similar pattern: https://www.purlsoho.com/create/2013/07/07/whits-knits-baby-bloomers/) made with this dreamy blue purple Madeline Tosh yarn.
– Baby hats of all sizes
– Probably some baby booties for good measure
– Big project: I’m gonna start a baby mobile with little cacti floating all around. You all. It will be the CUTEST.
Here’s what I’m thinking about for my Selfish Knits Queue:
– Floor pillow made with We Are Knitters yarn and this amazing rope yarn I’m obsessed with though it may defeat me.
– Pillows for my couch. When you can’t find something you want for an affordable price, you gotta just make it.
Where C has moved to Baby Town, I’m deep in Sweaterland.  This year we wanted to release adult sweater and baby accessory patterns for the Fall, and I’m happy to report we’re making good time!  I’ve decided on three designs – a chunky raglan, a sideways knit that goes easily from day to night and a brightly colored mock neck with fun colorwork.  The first two are finished, blocked and ready for maths, while the last one is terrifying to me so I’m kinda procrastinating.  I’ve never written a colorwork pattern before, so it’s a bit daunting…
We’re also working on some fun stuff again for our friends at THNK1994!  They’re opening up ANOTHER exhibit towards the end of July based on Nicole Richie’s MDW BBQ from 2007.  How they pick these brilliant pop culture moments in time and make entire exhibits out of them is beyond me, they are museum geniuses.  We have some pretty cutesy, Lohan-y ideas, and are super excited to release them when we’re done!!  Be sure to go to HERE for more info.  (Should note that you’re gonna want to sign up for the newsletter, so do that first.)


Tiny Obsessions

We have SO MANY things that we love that are not necessarily knit-centric, but are super awesome and cool and we think you’ll like them too and we just wanna talk, ya know?!  We decided to also include a Tiny Obsessions segment to the end of all of our posts, to figuratively scream about all the things we love and are obsessed with EEEEE!



Ok, so, bare with me but I am so very obsessed with the hit show of the 90s, Party of Five. My educational board game lovin’ parents really only allowed PBS on their tv screen, and I guess my friends weren’t into the show, so I totally missed this when it was actually in television. Friends, this show is so great. I thought it was gonna be like a 90210/Melrose Place situation, and well I guess it kind of is, but it starts out about a family whose parents tragically die in a car accident leaving FIVE kiddos ages 0, 11, 14, 16, and 24 to take care of each other. And get this, their dad had a restaurant where they still eat every week so a table is reserved for a PARTY OF FIVE! Which is actually kind of depressing because as someone pointed out they used to be a party of seven… Anyway, hitting my soft spot for family dramas, I was instantly obsessed. BUT ALSO. This show is pretty progressive for 1994! They have a gay character who’s trying to adopt a baby and is discriminated against just because he’s gay, so the family rallies together; a whole storyline about how dangerous football actually is; and an overlapping storyline where Jennifer Love Hewitt gives a speech about yes wanting to have sex, but also wanting to actually watch a movie with Scott Wolf and not feel pressured every moment to do the nasty. Still no POC and the show fatally fails the Bechdel Test but, again, it’s 1994. Have just gotten into season 2, and I can already see it heading into Melrose Place territory, but for now, obsessed.



The newest member of my family is this #1 baby, Hippopotamus Chavez-Wietmarschen.  She is the silliest, craziest, sweetest and longest kitty of all time and my fiancé and I truly love her with all of our hearts.  While she is my obsession, she wouldn’t be mine if it weren’t for the WONDERFUL people of Santé D’or in Atwater Village, Los Angeles!!  The facility is full of the happiest kitties and the happiest caretakers (they’re always looking for volunteers), and it is a no kill so even if you’re not in a position to get a lil pal, you can donate HERE!  I can’t speak enough to the care they give, but also the knowledge they have and the help they provide to new pet parents!

(WARNING: If you do end up reading the descriptions of the little ones available, you WILL adopt.)

Thats all for now!  We’ll be posting again in a few weeks I’m sure…hopefully telling you about all of our new FOs!!


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