Happy Wednesday, pals.  It’s time again to check-in, and you know what, I’m really enjoying this pressure that we’re putting on ourselves!!  Haha but really, structure is important and necessary if you want to be a maker, right??


While Caroline is still working on her adorable baby bloomers, (and these babies are a-comin so her fingers are moving!) I STILL need to get started on my colorwork sweater.  Trying to find the right yarn for it (definitely open to recs), and right now I’m leaning towards Tosh.  I want a DK weight, but I need a dyer who makes sweet mini skeins so that this sweater doesn’t cost a $million.  So yeah, I’m thinkin’ (dreaming) Tosh.

Speaking of Tosh, my mother commissioned me to make her an olive summer short-sleeved cardi, since she can’t seem to find one that works well with this new maxi dress she bought.  Is there anything better than that?!  I love doing custom work for family and friends!  Picking out necklines, little design details, maybe try out a different stitch, and creating a project with beautiful yarn for free, kinda!  The dream.  Anyways, the aforementioned beautiful yarn we chose is Madeline Tosh Dandelion in Oak on some size 9’s so it’s extra lightweight.  THIS.YARN.ON.A.BIG.NEEDLE.IS.LIFE.  The drape is one of the best I’ve seen in such a long time, I wish I could afford to make a blanket out of it!

Last Check-In I mentioned that we are working on another art knit for our friends over at the THNK 1994 museum.  This Summer’s exhibit is Nicole Ritchie’s 2007 Memorial Day Weekend BBQ, so we made three bejeweled and customized ankle monitors for Lindsay Lohan that we think she would’ve loved 😉  So super excited to see how they choose to curate!!  The museum opens this Saturday so if you’re in NYC, head down to Williamsburg and bask in all the prime pop culture goodness.


Tiny Obsessions



This may seem like the easy and obvious answer, but my current obession is GAME OF MF THRONNNNNEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!  It’s my favorite show maybe ever?  I’ve never been this involved in a show before, like I’m talking first thing I do Monday morning is read a few discussion panels that I follow online…I’m not ashamed about that at all.  Anyways I’m so stoked that it’s back but I’m freaking terrified.  Something bad will for sure happen soon because we had it waaaay too easy last season PLUS David Benioff and DB Weiss said that Uncle Euron Greyjoy is going TO BE WORSE THAN RAMSEY BOLTON WHAT THE WHAT.  I can not see how one person could be worse than something that flays people alive and breaks you down to an animal mentally UNLESS he kills a character we all love.  PLEASE DONT KILL DANY.  Anyways if anyone ever wants to discuss GoT I’m always down, hit us up!



Obsessing over cooking and making my own recipes. I’ve LOVED using Blue Apron because it challenges me to use ingredients I wouldn’t always use, and because it makes meal planning so much easier. But lately, I’ve been wanting to meal plan on my own, and look up recipes for the week. Part of this new challenge is trying to make each meal as colorful as I possibly can, even if this means just adding purple onion to something to make it pop. Who know how long it will last, but so far I’m having fun.

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