Hiiiiiiiiomg it’s been a while!  We’ve been going through a few life changes – I (Ashley) got married and started a new job, and Caroline had a BABY (HI ZADIE BOON, WE LOVE YOU!!) and is moving across the country – needless to say the TS blog took a little break. 

I wanted to do a grand opening style post to get you caught up on everything that is happening but 2 months have passed since I thought about doing that so…we’re just going to jump in like nothin!

For those who don’t know, Knit Picks is having and sale on their Bare Yarn for the entire month of April (you can find that here!) and since April is my birthday month I got to thinking – 1. I’ve been wanting to try and naturally dye my own yarn for fun, particularly with avocados and 2. Wow is that not the perfect gift for the knitter in your life?  Of course, you must know your knitters style and aesthetic, but a beige or dusty pink is always a hit right??

I started day dreaming about all the things I could dye with and then realized that I likely don’t have the space to do this in my apartment BUT, I went to YouTube anyways to see the process.  These two videos were my favorites – the first one by BillyNou was just so romantic and beautiful, and really inspired me to save my avocado pits and skins.  The second gives you a little insight into the science of dyeing textiles as well and show you a few different colors.  BONUS – it’s shot at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn which is near and dear to my heart because I used to live directly behind it!

After watching the BillyNou video, I think I’m going to try it!  Probably just one skein for a hat or something small, but we’ll see.  Are there any tips tricks or dyeing fails that we should know?  Or any other helpful natural dyeing videos we should check out?  Let us know below or on Instagram!

Happy Dyeing!


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